1000 Innovation Drive, Suite 400
Ottawa, ON   K2K 3E7
(T) 613.287.3118
(F) 613.254.9288

SC Stormont

SC Stormont provides strategic leadership to small and medium sized Canadian businesses operating primarily within the Ottawa - Montreal - Toronto corridor. Drawing from the experience and expertise of our principal, Rod Bryden, SC Stormont’s team delivers senior executive and strategic direction, in exchange for company equity.

Once SC Stormont has joined your company, we will evaluate and execute on all corporate and financial aspects, including: interacting with and pursuing capital markets, sales and marketing initiatives, company and product focus, as well as establishing and maintaining key business partnerships.

SC Stormont’s model is structured so that we do not get paid until the company we are working with is in a solid financial position. Our equity ownership ensures that goals are aligned in order to achieve maximum return on investment for all stakeholders.

At the end of the day, we are in business with you.